Schlosserei Michael Edler
Schlosserei Michael Edler

Schlosserei Michael Edler
Sagitz 75
9843 Großkichheim  

Telephone: 0676 40 15 696
Fax: 04825 6158


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About Us:

Our locksmith company is located in the municipality in Mölltal Großkirchheim.
The company was founded in 2004 by master locksmith Michael Edler.

We focused on quality, flexibility and performance.
Consistent selection of materials, craftsmanship and meticulous work distinguish our company. We meet customer needs, create Einzellanfertigungen

A value-skills problem lies in the flexible solution for many applications of traditional locksmith work. We manufacture stylish and modern facilities for corporate and private clients.

Painting, galvanizing, etc., as well as assembly operations are also among our services.

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